E(Z) Uppers! Group 1 Complete

E(Z) Uppers Series:1 Group 1 Now Complete!

Finished with the first group of the Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers!  Series:1.
There will be a few more groups coming out, all of them based of the “Fight With Tools” theme.
This toy series was inspired by many things, culture, art, society, music and politics. I wanted to create something with a message, rather than something that just looks  cool. 
I also wanted to have something that anyone can build. Something “easy”, which is where the name Epsilon(Zeta) originates. And, at the same time create something that could be easily relatable by everyone. 
I tried to incorporate a small bit of customization, so people can switch and combine elements from each toy. The hair, the faces, the accessories and the tools. So, while we have the Artist, the Musician, the Technologist, the Conservationist and the Laborer, you can easily trade and change items based on your own preferences and make each one unique.
This was, in effect, the culmination of that desire.

Don’t just occupy space, Utilize Space!

Here we see how you can change the hair form one to another. There will be more hairstyles with the future releases. So, that’s something to look forward. I also encourage customizing on the fly, make your own, DIY. Don’t let these toys inhibit your creativity, utilize them a jump-off point into something else! Make your own tools.

E(Z) Uppers Series 1:”Fight With Tools”
Download NOW


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