Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 2 – Ignition

Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 2 – Ignition

00-Ignition, Engage
Welcome, Neurons and Neuronettes, to the Neuroniverse!

01-Our Forward Thought
Neon Neuron interviews artist and indie comic creator, Cyril Brown. They talk about the expansive world of Hybrid Zero, and the intense work of creating an unseen universe.
Find Cyril’s work @

RottenMage SpaceJacked OST
Artist – Saw Square Noise

02- Allocate And Stabilize
Neon Neuron has a whole lot of kittens! In fact, he collects them. You can too, with the app Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. A fun game that doesn’t demand a lot of your attention.

House Of Cats
Artist: Fat Spirit

Cats and Ham Mix
Artist: Ergo Phizmiz

03- Amend And Revise
Neon Neurons travels around the internet bring him to some interesting and inspiring places. One such place is Drawing Den blog on Tumblr. A place to be inspired and edified as creative Neurons and Neuronettes!
Visit the Drawing Den @

Space Blocks
Artist: Mathgrant

04- Set To Action
The Neon Neuron now has Patreon! If you enjoy the Neon Neuron Podcast, show your support. Every bit helps and is very much appreciated. Find it @

Spacetime Continuum
Artist: Joshua James Hunt

05- Hope Will Provide
If you’d like to send your comments, questions, love, hate, you can send emails to:
Neon neuron (at) gmail
or visit the Neuroniverse @

Intro Music:
Last Year’s Nest
Artist: Boy Sets Fire
Album: Tomorrow Come Today

Outro Music:
Gameboy Rock
Artist: Wizwars


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