The Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 3 – Engage

The Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 3 – Engage

00-Ignition, Engage
Welcome, Neurons and Neuronettes, to the Neuroniverse! This episode I interview paper toy designer Alex Gwynne, review the app Dumb Ways To Die and this weeks resource is Justin Martin’s PoseReference/PoseMuse!
01- Allocate And Stabilize
Don’t play around trains, or keep a cobra as a pet! But, if you do pay close attention. Be alert and most importantly… Be smart! DWTD will help open your eyes to the many dangers surrounding us everyday and have fun in the meantime!
Dumb Ways To Die
Artist: Tangerine Kitty

02- Our Forward Thought

This episode I interview Alex Gwynne, a powerhouse in the papercraft community. We discuss the craft, the hard work and I am humbled by the sheer quantity and quality of work Alex is able to put out.  Visit Alex @:
03- Amend And Revise
This weeks resource is, a great spot for artist learning, struggling or even just refreshing your knowledge of human anatomy.
or support
Bitter Bleeps
Artist: Mini Roc
04- Hope Will Provide
Thanks for joining me this week!
If you’d like to send your comments, questions, love, hate, you can send emails to:
Neonneuron1 (at) gmail
or visit the Neuroniverse @
Intro Music:
Last Year’s Nest
Artist: Boy Sets Fire
Album: Tomorrow Come Today
Outro Music:
Gameboy Rock
Artist: Wizwars

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