The Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 4 – Amend and Revise

The Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 4 – Amend and Revise


Welcome, Neurons and Neuronettes, to the Neuroniverse! In this weeks
episode I sit and talk with my former co-host and Co-founder of Writer
Room Productions, R. Gabriel!

Writers Room Productions is a non-profit company that brings grade
school students stories to life! You can learn more and donate @

Thanks for joining me this week!

If you’d like to send your comments, questions, love, hate to:

Neonneuron1 (at) gmail

or visit the Neuroniverse @


Support Nn @


Music this episode:

Last Year’s Nest
Nostalgic For Guillotines
Artist: Boy Sets Fire

Activation Theme
Artist: Bit Shifter

Eöööhh! (with The Discoghosts)
Artist:Tracky Birthday

Rap is the Soul of a Man! Perk Up Your Earholes and Listen REAL Close
to the Theme of Lord Kamina, the Man of Raging Bellows Who Believes in
Himself and Points to Heaven!!
Rap & Lyrics: Tarantula (from Hi-Timez)
‘”Libera me” from hell’ Operetta: Kasahara Yuri
Music & Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku


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