Neon Neuron Podcast Episode 7 – Johnny Pop – Chapter 1

Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 7 – Johnny Pop – Chapter 1

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Neurons and Neuronettes, Welcome back to the Neuroniverse! This
episode I’m very excited about. This is the first chapter in a 4 part
conversation with the energetic and enigmatic Johnny Pop. Johnny is the
artist known around the internet as Pushing Lead and it is a very
fitting moniker. If you follow his Instagram feed you will see he is
always working… Always working! His artistic drive is that to rival
the likes of Bisley and Eastman, and their influence is evident in his
passion and ability. In this first chapter of our epic conversation,
Johnny tells us the humble beginnings of his journey  to become that
artist he is today. Very Compelling!

Find Johnny Pop @

Pushing Lead on Instagram

Pushing Lead on Etsy

Thanks for joining me this week!

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Music this episode:

Last Year’s Nest

Nostalgic For Guillotines

Artist: Boy Sets Fire


Was That Away Message For Me

8bit Betty


Gameboy Rock!

Artist: Wizwars



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