Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 13 – Motivational Monday – More Time With You


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Neurons and Neuronettes, welcome to Motivational Monday! Sometimes we need a little encouragement, I know I do. And sometimes we have to be creative and take every oppurtunity to bring something positive into the world.
As creative transmitters, we sometimes forget that we are not alone. We can reach out and connect with others who will not only encourage, support and enlighten us, but we cwill be able to help, as well!
We, as a creative community, are the best support system we have because nobody understands better the struggle of being compelled to create… NOBODY, but other creative elements like yourself.
We live in a time where the term “Starving Artist” will be a thing of the past; where the potential for growth is unimpeded and mechanisms have been established for that purpose. Now is the time. To quote one of the great peacemakers of the future…

“Let’s reach out and touch someone!”

Thanks for joining me this week! 

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Music this episode:

Reformat The Planet
Artist: Bit Shifter

Gameboy Rock!
Artist: Wizwars


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