Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 10 – Johnny Pop – Chapter 3

Neon Neuron Podcast – Episode – 10 – Johnny Pop – Chapter 3

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Neurons and Neuronettes, Welcome to our third chapter with artist Johnny Pop! This installment finds our hero facing off with the evils of the creative struggle and your humble narrator continues to pronounce the names of prominent artists incorrectly!! Also, your most humble narrator learns of a comic-art gallery in the lush hills of sunny San D, where our hero is reunited with his old master… But, who can it be? Rob Liefeld?! No, but his name does come up in this episode… For good? For Evil? You’ll have to listen to believe… But, will you?

And don’t forget to check out the Designers and Discourses podcast, it’s a pretty cool thing!

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Music this episode:
Last Year’s Nest
Artist: Boy Sets Fire

Was That Away Message For Me
Artist: 8bit Betty

Artist: Tracky Birthday


Gameboy Rock!
Artist: Wizwars

Been Feeling Down… Que WizWars!

Been Feeling Down… Que WizWars!

Whenever I get depressed (And I’ve been feeling it a lot lately), I like to turn to music. One of the artist who gets me through these times of darkness, despair and hopelessness is a chiptune programmer who goes by the name WizWars! I especially enjoy his song ‘GameBoy Rock!’ 

There’s something about this song that is so up lifting, triumphant…